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5 Things to Consider in a Transportation Provider

When you are faced with the task of finding someone to assist you or your loved one with a mobility challenge, it is sometimes daunting to find providers you feel comfortable with and can trust. In the world of non-emergency transportation, sometimes the choices are many and the seemingly simple decision of who to choose seems overwhelming. Here are 5 things to consider to help narrow down your list to the transportation partner that is right for you. Download ArticleRead more

What Transportation Resources are Available in Your Area?

There are a number of resources in our communities that seek to meet the great transportation need prevalent in our society. While more resources are needed, this article provides a few of the types of resources available today. Call one of our representatives to find out what is available in your area. Read more

Taxis versus Specialized Transportation

After years in service to those with mobility challenges, we've learned that there are a number of different resources available, including taxi services. But, although the driver will get you to point B from point A, there are some things you may want to consider when deciding if this is the right mode of transportation for you. Read more